Exemplify BioPharma celebrates Grand Opening by introducing their unique approach to

Integrated CMC Portfolio Management as a Partnership Research Organization (PRO)

January 21st, 2016 Piscataway, NJ - Exemplify BioPharma, Inc. welcomed business partners and guests to the grand opening of their new facility in Piscataway, NJ. Exemplify BioPharma provides integrated end-to-end program and/or portfolio based CMC drug development deliverables to pharmaceutical and biotech partners. Through a combination of program management and coordination, process development laboratories and the provision of CMC regulatory documentation for filing with worldwide regulatory agencies Exemplify BioPharma is uniquely positioned to deliver CMC success to partner organizations. In addition, Exemplify BioPharma provides consultation and innovative approaches to the challenges of drug development.

Using a “PRO” or Partnership Research Organization model, Exemplify BioPharma will target business partners who want to manage their expanding pipelines and financial exposure through partnership with a team of experienced pharmaceutical and biotech experts. These partnerships are available to mid-sized US based pharmaceutical and biotech companies growing through licensing and acquisition; biopharma companies with expanding pipelines who do not want to grow through internal staffing; virtual companies who need compound development support from discovery through clinical phases and international pharmaceutical ventures planning to establish capabilities in the US.

Exemplify BioPharma is providing a “talent-based” platform and is composed of a team of experienced pharmaceutical and biotech industry experts providing complementary skill sets to their industry partners. The unique combination of leadership expertise and senior scientists at Exemplify BioPharma enables direct partnerships with clients in order to enhance pharmaceutical development project success. 

During the opening ceremony both Exemplify BioPharma CEO Yadan Chen and CSO Dr. Paul O’Shea former senior leaders at Merck & Co. Inc. highlighted Exemplify BioPharma’s commitment to work with their industry partners to provide high quality science to solve complex problems and to deliver strategic and tactical input to reduce program timelines and costs. Exemplify BioPharma is committed to developing the science, providing program oversight and coordination, and partnering with CRO/CMO’s for expedited execution.

Exemplify BioPharma comes to market with the support and financial backing of Crystal Pharmatech, a global solid state research laboratory with offices in Suzhou, China and North Brunswick, NJ.  Crystal Pharmatech is a recognized expert in polymorphs, co-crystals, salts, analytical methods and crystallization development and has earned its reputation for scientific rigor, earning preferred provider status among the top pharmaceutical companies worldwide.  At their grand opening, Exemplify BioPharma’s leadership team recognized Crystal Pharmatech’s leadership for their enthusiastic support of both their company vision and unique market entry strategy.

We are very pleased to announce we have moved to our permanent location:

3000 Eastpark Boulevard,

Cranbury, New Jersey 08512